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Show 1
Streaming Sept 21 - 26, 2021

Same Old Same Old

By Jan Wood & James Fagan Tait


Life’s Tiny Moments.

Actor Jan Wood (Mrs. Fezziwig in our production of A Christmas Carol) and James Fagan Tait (director and co-writer of 21 Ways to Make the World Last Longer) teamed up to write this charming—and deceptively simple—new play—which has just been filmed on the Belfry stage.

Steadily approaching “till death do us part”—a man and a woman—through snippets and sketches and little scenes—reveal the moments that make up their lives. The mundane and the meaningful. The small but profound. The benign and hurtful. And the real—yet unspoken love. You will find it deeply funny because it is totally familiar—spot-on and touching.

Why I Chose This Play

From the moment I heard that Jimmy and Jan were writing this play—from the moment I started reading an early draft—and from the moment we performed it before an enraptured audience during our 2020 SPARK Festival—I knew this was a play that belonged on our stage. And now on film! This long-married couple is so familiar—it’s impossible not to recognize them—and laugh out loud at the reality of their relationship.
—Michael Shamata

Show 2
In-Person Nov 23 - Dec 19, 2021
Streaming Dec 7 - 12, 2021

Serving Elizabeth

Created by Marcia Johnson


Turning The Crown Upside Down.

Actor and playwright Marcia Johnson was inspired to write this play after watching an early episode of The Crown on Netflix. The play premiered in February 2020.

Politics and pop culture collide with unexpected twists as this fascinating new play moves between 1952 Kenya—when an anti-monarchist cook challenges Princess Elizabeth in the moments before she becomes queen—and 2015 London—when a Kenyan-Canadian film student clashes with convention and custom while working on a TV series about the Royals.

The tension between people and politics—imperialism, prejudice, and the irresistible draw of the monarchy—infuses and ignites this exciting new play.

Why I Chose This Play

I was searching for a play that could address this important moment in our history—when racial inequality can no longer be ignored. Serving Elizabeth does that—while delivering a thrilling and engaging story. In an immediate response to the popular television series The Crown, playwright Marcia Johnson argues for inclusion—and creates a play as contemporary as this morning’s newspaper.
–Michael Shamata

World Premiere
Show 3
In-Person Feb 1 - 27, 2022
Streaming Feb 15 - 20, 2022

Little Red Warrior & His Lawyer

By Kevin Loring


An irreverent comedy.

Little Red, the last remaining member of his tribe, discovers that a land development firm has violated his traditional territory. After attacking one of their engineers, he is arrested and assigned a court-appointed lawyer.

Things turn surprising and farcical—when displaced Red moves in with the lawyer and his wife. And sometimes—when you invite a coyote into the coop—he may just walk off with your chickens.

Kevin Loring won the 2009 Governor General’s Award for Drama for his play, Where the Blood Mixes (Belfry 2010), and was nominated for the same award in 2019 for Thanks for Giving.

Why I Chose This Play

I saw a reading of this play—and loved it—at the 2019 Talking Stick Festival in Vancouver. Kevin and I started talking that night about premiering it at the Belfry. After a year-plus of COVID postponements—here it is at last!—in all its edgy irreverence and hilarity.
–Michael Shamata

A tri-production with Savage Society (Vancouver) and NAC Indigenous Theatre (Ottawa).

Show 4
In-Person Mar 29 - Apr 24, 2022
Streaming Apr 12 - 17, 2022

Sexual Misconduct of the Middle Classes

By Hannah Moscovitch


A whip-smart exploration of power, truth and desire.

Jon is a prize-winning novelist and star professor. Annie is a clever, imaginative, first-year student, and a huge fan of Jon's work. Jon’s third marriage is going about as well as his first two, and he’s frustrated teaching creative writing to lazy undergraduates. And then he finds himself admired by a student—a girl in a red coat. Annie.

Who’s the hunter—? Who’s the hunted—? Who will take the next step—? And who will ever understand this complex dance—? When the dust has settled—who controls the narrative—? And who owns this story—?

Hannah Moscovitch (What a Young Wife Ought to Know and The Children’s Republic) has set the international theatre scene alight with her fiery wit and incisive ability to tackle complex subjects with humour and intelligence.

Why I Chose This Play

During my time at the Belfry, Hannah Moscovitch has become a frequent voice on our stages. As a writer—she is incredibly direct—while approaching her subjects from oblique angles. This play is no exception. Hannah gives us a fresh and unusual way of addressing an all-too-familiar scenario. This is simply a marvellous and captivating play.
—Michael Shamata

World Premiere
Show 5
In-Person May 17 - Jun 12, 2022
Streaming May 31 - June 5, 2022


By Rosa Dolores


A fairy tale for adults.

Can you snatch happiness from the jaws of discontent? Elise and Andrew, Vlad and Soleil: two couples search for the answer to that very question in this new romantic and dramatic comedy.

When your world turns sour and the future you dreamt of disappears, what happens next? Words and recriminations don’t get you far but maybe there is a silver lining. Could one date change fate? And could one chance encounter change it all again?

Rosa Dolores is a writer from Vancouver, BC, who studied at Langara College. She runs a bed and breakfast with her RMT husband and has two children. She is a published poet and screenwriter.

Why I Chose This Play

I love this play—it surprises me—and it is unlike any other play I know. It has romance, and villains, and tests and traps and lessons—and a chance to find what you’re looking for in unexpected places. And it’s real and believable.
—Michael Shamata

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The box office has a record of your past preferences so we can offer you your favourite seats on your favourite day as soon as circumstances allow.

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